Legal Warranty Statement

Warranty Statement


14.1. Goods manufactured by Versalux which within twelve (12) months from the date of dispatch from Versalux’s factory, are proved by You to Versalux’s satisfaction to be defective arising from faulty material exclusive of standard Goods or other manufacture incorporated in the goods and/or workmanship will be replaced entirely or partly at Versalux’s sole discretion. Versalux will pass on other manufacturers incorporated in the goods warranty. The maximum liability of Versalux (subject to Clause 12 hereof) is limited to the invoice value of the goods. Removal and return of goods to Versalux’s factory is at Your cost.


15.1. Versalux guarantees that Versalux branded LED products are free from manufacturing and or material defects as long as they are used in compliance with intended use, for a period of 1 year from the date of invoice.

15.2. Subject to the operation of clauses 15.3 to 15.6 inclusive, if you register the Goods online with Versalux within 90 days of purchase at, the guarantee offered in clause 15.1 will be extended to;

(a) 5 years for Goods using low voltage LED’s

(b) 3 years for Goods using mains voltage LED’s

15.3. The guarantee offered in clause 15.1 shall only be effective subject to You complying with the following conditions:

(a) Goods must be installed and used in strict compliance with the relevant specifications and installation instructions relevant to those goods;

(b) Any installation and / or assembly work relating to the Goods shall be carried out by a qualified electrical contractor;

(c) Temperature and voltage limit values must not be exceeded, and the Goods must not be subjected to mechanical loads which do not comply with its intended use;

(d) The Goods must be maintained by qualified technical staff in compliance with any instructions accompanying the Goods.

(e) You must establish to Versalux’s reasonable satisfaction that you have taken all necessary steps to examine installation factors and mitigate the risk of loss, i.e.: eliminating exposure to extremes of temperature, not covered by insulation and preventing overvoltage, incorrect installation, surges and spikes, including lightning strike;

(f) In the event of a claim, You shall not tamper with failed goods and must return them in original condition to Versalux for inspection at Your expense;

(g) No guarantee claim will be entertained until the full invoice amount for all Charges have been paid in clear funds; and

(h) The Goods supplied have been installed in Australia or New Zealand.

15.4. To the extent permissible, Versalux will pass-through to You the benefit of any warranties on component parts incorporated into the Goods.

15.5. The guarantee offered in clause 15.1 does not cover defects in Goods due to unforeseen events i.e.: accidental circumstance and or force Majeure (including electrical surges and lightning) that cannot be ascribed to a defective manufacturing process of the product.

15.6. No claims will be accepted under the guarantee offered in clause 15.1 for Goods which have been affected by overheating due to obstruction in the form of insulation or inadequate ventilation within mounting cavity, or operation of exterior luminaires during daylight hours.

15.7. Where Versalux accepts a claim under the guarantee offered in clause 15.1 in relation to Goods, Versalux shall be free to decide in its absolute discretion whether to repair or replace the Goods with the same or an equivalent Goods subject to the technological progress that has taken place from the release of the original Goods or refund the price for the Goods.

Download a copy of the STANDARD VERSALUX WARRANTY as a PDF here.