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Since its inception in 1979, Versalux Lighting Systems has grown into one of the largest and most respected suppliers of high performance lighting systems to marine and defense and to the commercial and industrial industries of Australia and New Zealand. We are a customer focused, service-oriented organization delivering quality products through application of innovative technology to the marketplace.

The Group’s head office and manufacturing plant is based in Melbourne, Australia with offices across Australia and New Zealand employing more than 90 people. Versalux’s expertise covers a wide range of lighting sectors, and in response to their diverse requirements the company has defined a number of internal entities.

For more than 20 years, Versalux has been Glamox and Aqua Signal’s exclusive distributor to Australia and New Zealand. From humble tinnies to luxury yachts and commercial vessel to warships, we have provided boat owners, ship-builders, and ship designers with Glamox Aqua Signal products backed by expert service and in-depth lighting knowledge. Additional to our day-to-day supply, our larger projects have included Royal Australian Navy’s ships from the Anzac frigates of days gone by through to the latest newbuilds.

Versalux has the product range and expertise to extend our assistance to you beyond the hull of your ship. Our experience in commercial and industrial lighting projects places us ready to design and supply for all manner of lighting from marinas to dry docks to shipyards using high quality, high performance solutions. Floodlighting, factory applications, storage locations, retail, restaurants… the applications are endless; we can assist you from start to finish including calculations to Australian and New Zealand Standards where required.