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Located in the Melbourne suburbs of Australia, Versalux Marine falls under parent company Versalux Lighting Systems; a designer, customiser, supplier, integrator and servicer of dynamic lighting systems to the Australian lighting market for over 40 years.

At Versalux Marine, we’ve been working with our partners for over 30 years to deliver such lighting solutions to all types of maritime and defence vessel – from tinnies and yachts through to commercial vessels and warships. We’re at the forefront of innovative and intelligent lighting systems for Defence, with products installed on 14 Navy Platforms, and an estimated market share of 60-70 per cent. We’re also the exclusive partner of Glamox/Aqua Signal products in Australia and New Zealand, with the capability to develop and Australianise reliable and affordable products that meet the stringent standards and requirements of the Navy – a clear competitive advantage.

Our existing knowledge grants us the time to investigate future technologies and better understand the biological impact of lighting on people – two key factors that set Versalux Marine apart from other lighting subcontractors.

Current customers include: shipyards | boat builders | naval architects and engineers | ship operators and owners | electrical installers | ship chandleries and electrical wholesalers | the Ministry of Defence.

“Military personnel, including Marines, may be at increased risk to sleep deprivation due to abnormal sleep and light exposure patterns, particularly those who work within submarines or inside the ships. Our intelligent human-focussed lighting solutions will not only offer those on board the vessels a productive (and compliant) working environment; they will also consider worker health and wellbeing, enabling Navy personnel to return home safely each day to their families and friends.”